Webcam Hotties

finding the best looking girls who love to show their bodies for our entertainment. Mainly European girls as they rock my world.

It’s hard being in love with a camgirl.  Knowing your feelings are returned. Being unable to tell her how you feel about her.  Living in different countries.  Knowing that you’d be an embarrassment for you to be seen with if you were to meet her in real life.

The worst thing by far is seeing her smile that smile that you like to think she saves for you.  Except it seems brighter and more genuine when she smiles for someone else.

I’m back!!

Been laptopless for several months but got a new macbook today. One of my first acts will be to go onto MFC and look for some pretty girls.


…for not posting for a long time.  I just haven’t had the time to go onto any webcam sites recently.  Hoping this will change soon.

I am surprised though.  My last post, Ladika, is one of my favourite models on MFC but no one seems to like her. 

What’s the deal guys?

Occasionally famous pornstars turn up on MyFreeCams but it tends to be a publicity stunt.  However Eve Angel, the Hungarian starlet, actually works on there after having, apparently, quit the porn business. 

She’s one of my favourite ever pornstars so was chuffed to discover her there..

Have you met a cam girl?

Have you had any real life meetings with a model from a webcam site?  Let me know all about it.

Love this shot of Niva

Love this shot of Niva

If you’ve been on any webcam sites in the last 8 years then you must know about Nivea.  She’s a sexy, little Slovakian superstar who’s been popular for years.  As close to a webcam celebrity you can get.  Porno videos have been rumoured but nothing has ever been found.